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Freaky Illusion
play it a few times, concentrate on the words
How many Circles
can you see ?
Is it just me,
or does it look like
Nichola sturgeons'
mum is gonna
start singing
Candle in the
wind ?
Miss Kansas ?
Good idea?
not so much.
I never wanted to try this
until now
Stop Textings
Mmmmm Tasty
You're Telling Me a chicken actually fried this rice ?
A birthday to
We all get fooled
Would Still Pet
Your Turn
Optical illusion
Couldn't make
this shit up...
Blind Dog
Things are
looking up
for Prestonians
Don't throw away
Dolls heads.....
turn them
into handy night-lights
for your kids
Pooper Scooper
Gods Plan
East Lancs
Usb too
He knows if
you've been
Sk8 Park
Blind Date
Brail Phone 7
Dogs Can't
Anime or Manga ?
Sock Monster
Moffat County
High School
Sex Tape
Tyrone !!!!
Monkey Business
Always thinking about
our customers
Morrisons Morons Morecambe
Caring Dad
Not Michael Jackson's
smallest fan but
certainly not his biggest
Cat Doesn't Want
Why Men Shouldn't
Give Advice
Tired Of those
Blue Bars ?
Tattoos never stopped me
from getting a job,
So have a nice day.
Dell Customer Support
Cat Wants
Aquire Lots Of Money
Aquire Even More Money
Better Than Giving It To
The Cat's Home
Not That Hungry
Now I Think About It
Cat loves me
Baby Needs
Feel The Quality Of Our Samples
Baby On Board
Our Economic Future
Is In Safe Hands
Rub It In
Silly Moo
The Secret Ingredient
Knowing When You've Had
Enough To Drink
Priceless !!!
Safety First
Had Enough ?
Freaky !!!
Smoking Area Mural
Get the flock outta here
Miaoooow !!!!
Acting The Goat
Seriously Ugly Kids
Call Me Anytime
Took Me All Weekend, But Finally Got The Tree Up
Go Fish
Dynamite Barbie
Cremations a speciality

What happened to the survivors ?



We should all look like this, then we'd get treated better


Ever wondered why polar bears don't eat penguins ?
(They can't get the wrappers off)

Those undertakers are getting sneaky
By George
It's Just An Illusion

Bet he has a bad head if he wakes up


Sit On It


I'm glad I didn't waste my money on that return ticket.


Me & My New Fridge


Graham Pinder at Tokes


Slap Head !


Bargain Booze


Pot Of Gold


Snap !!!

Hunting Season


I See Dead People

Real Burger


Matey Burger

What's on at the local cinema ?

The Other White Meat
Bridget Jones

Just take the picture already.


You kids distract her.

Fridge Magnet


Kebab anyone ?

Hmm tasty !!!


Family Planning

Yet Strangely Crunchy


Man Walks On Water

Chained To Monkey

Get Out Of Chores

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Bang !!!
Murphy's Builders
Bug-ger Off
World of Warcraft


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