Setup Guide
for Cataclysm
World Of Warcraft



1. Install
no need to buy it !!!

(when installing, ask it Not to start with windows) 


2.Download & run This File
This File


3. While the program is downloading ,
Make a brew
Just Create an account on ARTEMIS & close the page. 


4. Once The Game is Downloaded,

Make your way to your Downloads Folder.
Run the file you downloaded.
also, copy the wow.exe file
to your new world of warcraft Cata folder


5. Once Installed

Find your way to "
C:\cata\WoW Cata\Data\enGB"
Drag the "" file
to your Desktop.

Open with Notepad.

replace everything you see with the following text
set realmlist
set patchlist localhost

Drag it back to its original location.


6. Right Click & Run WoW.exe "As Administrator"


7. Log in with your new recently created Kronos account details.


8. See you online