Richard Branson
sells the
British Public
down the river
to Liberty Global



Under NO circumstances sign up with Virgin Media
as you will be unable to leave.


Today I was passed from one dept to another for an hour and a half trying to cancel my services.
Every time I was told I had got through to the wrong department.


When I originally signed up under pressure at my own front door by a salesman called Michael, I was told :-

  I would receive Free installation False I was charged 49.99  
  I would receive 70Mb download speed False (35Mb download) Upload 1Mb  
  They would contact Plusnet and cancel my contract due to BT Maintenance
issues in my area without cost
False (they have No Authority to cancel Anyone's contract)  
  I said I had already paid this years advance line rental with Plusnet
the salesman said he would be able to get it refunded
False did not happen
  I was told Kodi would still work ok Kodi now constantly buffers  
  I was told my downloads wouldn't be interupted

Websites like are
now Completely inaccessible
(I can still access them with Plusnet)

If you have already signed up you have 14 days cooling off period to cancel, good luck with that.


Virgin Media Complaints Dept postal address is :-

Virgin Media
PO Box 333
Matrix Court

trying to phone is pointless, trust me

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